Using Facebook to Promote Your Online Business

Using Facebook to Promote Your Online Store

Facebook is undoubtedly the number one social networking website around the world. With hundreds of millions of users, this social network giant has received a tremendously great amount of internet traffic. It crossed the milestone of over one million active members. Approximately one in each 7 people all over the world, who is an active user of Facebook. So, if Facebook is not a part of the internet marketing strategy of your business, you are absolutely missing out on a great opportunity. You may not have imagined ever, but to use it properly for marketing and advertising can do wonders for your business.

Here’s how you can use this enormous marketplace to promote your home based business.

Create a Group or Page

To begin with your business marketing on Facebook, start with creating a group or page. A fan page is a starting medium for the people to get to know about your services/products. It is going to attract the Facebook users to your company.

You can create a fan page for free. Making a fan will only require several minutes of your time and is ultimately free, if you are not able to create it on your own, you can get it done by someone else who is a regular Facebook user or you can just follow the instructions and steps given on the website.

The most confusing thing, in my mind is what to create the page for. You are given the option of a Company, Product or Service, or Local Business or place. Assuming you are setting this up to promote your online business, you should choose Product or Service if you only have one product, or Company if you have more than one product or service.

Add Your Details

On the Facebook page, you need to provide brief details with regards to your products and service. You can also give your contact details, address, and business name, so that if a person is interested in dealing with you, he/she will be able to contact you. You can also add videos and images about your business, it can attract the fans who want to know more about your business. You also need to consistently keep in touch with your fans, for some of them will be your potential customers. Your customers may post some pre or post sales questions on your wall, and you should answer all of their queries directly on the Facebook page. This method is usually more efficient than answering phone calls. And, you should take phone calls as well.

Using Questions and Responses

Questions and responses on your page allows other customers to read common answers and questions, so that they do not need to approach you one by one. Encourage and request your current and potential customers to like your Facebook fan page. As soon as they like your page, they will receive regular updates with regards to your products on their wall, which can also be seen by their friends. This will help you build awareness of your company. In addition, if a customer posts a positive message regarding your products/services, his/her friends will also know about it through their wall.

create a personal profile

Linking to Your Website

If you have your own website, you should provide the link on your Facebook page. It is going to steer additional traffic on your website. Fans that visit your site may end up purchasing your products or services.

Your Local Location

If you have a local location in addition to your online presence, you can use Facebook Places. It allows users to check in on their mobile device when they are at a specific place. This allows their friends to see their location. You can use Facebook Places so that when a Facebook user checks in to a neighborhood, business, or street, they will receive list of neighboring businesses that offer rewards and discounts, including yours.

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