How to Use Chat to Promote Your Online Store

How to Use Chat to Promote Your Online Store

By Nicholas Hurd

Chat adds convenience to your online store. Convenience is key for your customer’s satisfaction. And, for your profits. As customers peruse products, questions may come up.  While a phone call may seem like a hassle, a chat service will seem convenient and easy.  Stores with these services are more likely to increase sales.  The most important part of any online business is turning all who wander in to become buying customers.  Chat services are necessary for all online businesses.

As customers are in the middle of a purchase, they may find themselves running into questions.  Customers often need a live person during the purchasing process to ensure customer satisfaction and understanding.  Chat provides instant response to questions at any time of day. That’s without any need to go through the process of a phone call full of automated, button-pushing steps.  It provides a simple, personal experience for the customer.  This leaves an impression on the customer, causing them to come back for more.

Use Chat to Promote Your Online Business






While there is a cost involved to run a the service, the profit outcome is worth it.  Generally, the cost of the service ends up coming out even when considering the effects.  Live chat increases the likelihood of sale for potential customers, thus allowing the business to thrive.  Customers feel peace of mind knowing they can ask a question at any time, or get help when they feel even the slightest bit of confusion.  Being as many businesses do not utilize chat services, a business that chooses to use it stands out to customers, furthering the ability to make more money.

A Personal Experience is Key

When a chat sound too automated, customers can be deterred.  In order to effectively use the chat service, those running the chat should provide a personal experience.  From the customer’s perspective, using the chat should feel no different than in-person discussion.

In order to ensure a positive user experience, the chat service should be instant.  To make this possible, pay attention to the hours at which business attention surges.  If there is a particular portion of the day during which an influx of potential customers comes to the website, tack on some extra staff to manage the messages.

Make sure that all employees have had experience with customer service.  All employees should understand customer-needs in order to adequately respond to all questions and concerns.  Chat representatives represent the business, and can be an essential asset to increased sales.  Proper staffing is vital for this to work.

Even the set up of the chat should have personalizing capabilities.  An elder individual may require larger font sizes.  If the chat has volume, consider options for adjustment.

Leave Room for Feedback

If chat users are able to respond about the chat experience, frequent dilemmas can become resolved.  It is difficult to know where a service fails if there is no data available to check.  If customers and chat users rate their experience and provide feedback, the business can reflect on what aspects of the chat fail, or what requires attention.  This provides the ability to endlessly improve chat, as to provide the highest quality customer service.

Research Chat Options

There numerous chat software options available. Understanding which fits your business best is important to the quality of your customer service.  Each chat service has different options and specifications available.  Think about what is necessary for the business, and analyze which chat service best suits this list of needs.

Select Hours Carefully

Chat is ideal when usable 24 hours a day.  If nightfall leads to no customers, there is no need to keep a representative on duty all day and night.  Consider allowing those in need of chat in closed hours to send a direct email.

Use Chat to Promote Your Online Business






If you can, it is not a bad idea to begin with 24-hour services. Slowly lessen hours over time.  It is hard to know what type of business will arise in the midst of the night if a chat does not yet exist.  If there is only a customer at 3 a.m. once a week, there is no need to staff a chat representative.  Consider traffic at all hours, day and night.  Assess at what times customer volume is highest or lowest, and with this, determine chat hours.

Stay Focused

Chat services should provide simple response to customers.  If a chat begins to sway, customers can feel confused or agitated, not to mention, other customers end up waiting on personal conversations to end.  The chat is simply to answer questions and land purchases.  The staff in charge of chat should take the job seriously.  No matter who the patron, staff needs to be respectful and concise.  There should be no jumbled phrases that lead the customer away from making a purchase.

Keep in mind a chat service heavily represents a company.  When someone runs chat services with broken English, customers feel as though their money is funding job outsourcing, and also feel their presence is not important.  Allow the chat to feel as though it fits the needs of the customer, while still being a pleasure for the business.  Do not hire chat representatives with poor ability to express a warm personality over messaging and online discussion.

Think About Your User

If users are to be over a particular age, ensure all chat representatives understand this.  Elderly individuals may need more instruction or more help than the young individuals.  Young adults may not require a complete, step-by-step process to understand what they have asked about.  Consider the audience need.

Train Your Staff

Make sure there is some form of consistency among chat sessions.  Customers do not want to have a great experience once and a horrible experience the next time.  The experience should be all around positive each and every time used.  If the staff are not trained in a consistent way, customers will be unaware if the company truly cares about the customer or not.  Customer satisfaction is key for success.

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Nicholas Hurd

Nicholas is a nationally recognized Author, Internet & Local Marketing Expert and Web Developer. He develops software for companies that want to sell products or services online as well as building contractors.
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