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Top 5 Free Digital Marketing Tools for Your Home Based Business

By Nicholas Hurd

First, congratulations! On starting and running your own home based business. It will be a lot of planning and work. But the results, more security for your family and independence in this rapidly changing world make your sweat equity worthwhile.

Unless you have absolutely nothing to do with the Internet and online society in any way, you are aware of just how powerful social media has become in the last few years. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest totally dominate the social stratosphere and if you are not engaged on at least one of these, your home based business will suffer.

digital Marketing Tools

  1. Facebook is the Perfect Marketing Tool for Home Based Business –

    Facebook is undoubtedly the number one social networking website around the world. With hundreds of millions of users, this social network giant has received a tremendously great amount of internet traffic. It crossed the milestone of over one million active members. Approximately one in each 7 people all over the world, who is an active user of Facebook. So, if Facebook is not a part of the internet marketing strategy of your business, you are absolutely missing out on a great opportunity. You may not have imagined ever, but to use it properly for marketing and advertising can do wonders for your business Discover how to use this enormous marketplace to promote your home hased business.

  2. Twitter – Tweeting to Success!

    At first glance, knowing how to use Twitter may seem quite meaningless and only a jumble of information. If you have ever looked at the Twitter site, more significantly if you are following many people, it is very hard to make any sense of a message with just 140 characters in it. Nonetheless, Twitter can be a very successful marketing tool. Knowing some tips on how to use Twitter will help get off a flying start. 

  3. Instagram – The Key to Success for Home Based Business

    Instagram is a social network on which you will be able to use images to share business images with your customers and prospects. It is the first social network platform that is specifically created for mobile devices. This social network stands out for its ease of use and speed. You just need to take a photo, add some filters, add a title, and then share. This is how easy it is to use Instagram.

  4. Pinterest – Picture Your Business Here

    Pinterest is a new and emerging social media site that has established itself as a reputable and clever medium for sharing images and ideas which people are passionate about. The idea of Pinterest could be found in the name of the website. The user’s profile is like a pinboard where you can collect and display as well as arrange items or products for your followers and friends to see. Pinterest is also about sharing your exceptional interests, not only for your latest services and products.

  5. Tumblr – Roll Into Profits

    Tumblr has just been around for 6 years, and it has already collected a total of 86 million blogs, driving almost 18 billion page views each month. Tumblr is one of those social networking platforms that have experienced remarkable developers. This is why a lot of people and company take advantage of it. If you are considering Tumblr for your marketing plan, here is what you have to know about this platform to grow your home based business.

You Have Many More Options to Grow Your Business

There are at least 50 more ways you can grow your home based business. Many of them free, some of them require spending money. We will continue to update you with these ideas and opportunities. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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