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How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Online Store

How to Use Instagram to Promote Your Online Store

By Nicholas Hurd

Instagram provides an opportunity to market your online store, like other social media platforms,. But with Instagram, you know that you are using nothing but the best. And, you will achieve the most favorable results. It is very important to keep up with the latest trends. Once you lose the track, it becomes really difficult to make your mark. If you want to reach an unimaginable magnitude of audiences, be there on Instagram because that is essential for your success.

Know what is there for you:

It is extremely important to gain familiarity with Instagram before starting out with an account of your own. You must know what is there for you in the app. And, what is the best possible way it can be utilized to provide your business with the desired promotion. Remember one thing that all social media does not work in the same. The same techniques cannot be fruitful for all. It’s better to understand clearly in what way Instagram can help you out.

Instagram - Use it to promote your online store

Let Your Images Speak for Your Store:

Instagram is all about IMAGES! Yes, there is nothing more important than it because this social media giant started off as an image sharing resource and continues to do so. The power which your images carry cannot be matched by anything else.

Share your Story, for Fun!

People like it when they are getting to know more about their favorite brand or company. Sharing some short and sweet details of your story with the followers won’t hurt, in fact, it will bring about more people who are interested in what you have to tell them about yourself. It also helps in building a certain level of trust amongst the company and the followers.

Utilize the Full Potential of Hashtags:

After images, Instagram is all about hashtags. Use the right hashtag and you are good to be a popular trend on it. You can even go about on using some of the already popular hashtags to bring your business in the limelight.

Use the Power of Experience:

Let people know what kind of feedback your store has been getting from the audience so far. One success story can give rise to many. How is your store providing people quality? How affordable are the rates? How quick and cheap is the delivery? What are your amazing policies on return and exchange? All this will help you out in building a strong rapport with your customers.

Partner Up with People:

Look up for some famous people on the Instagram because their popularity can actually help you out in being ahead of your competitors. Let them use your platform to increase their popularity and let yourself benefit from it.

Give Your Consumers’ the Purchasing Power:

There will be many people out there who would post something bought from your online store and would either use the hashtag or tag you in the post. Respond to such customers as soon as you can because they will help in planting the shopping seed in the rest of the Instagram following.

Be Communicative with the Customers:

Reply to their questions and queries because that helps in creating a great bond between the company and the customers. If they are appreciating you then thank them because once the customers start feeling valued on your account, they are not going to deviate their loyalties.

Incorporate Videos:

Short and catchy videos are also a fun way to attract users to the account. Videos not only convey a lot of information within a short time but also provide visual entertainment to the masses. They serve as a medium to establish the authenticity of any situation or happening.

Instagram - Use it to promote your online store

Run Contests:

Come up with exciting contests to grab the attention of the users. You can use quizzes like fill in the blanks or choose the right answer along with exciting giveaways to make your followers stay on your page. The gifts are the best way to make people happy and more loyal towards your store.

Stay Original, Do Not Misuse the Filters:

Though Instagram is famous for its filters it’s better not to use them too frequently because they tend to leave people with questions. When people are sure that what they are seeing is the original picture of any particular product or item, they will form more trusted opinions of the store.

Look for the Right Time and Right Day to Post an Update:

You don’t want to choose a time when people are in the office or asleep to launch anything. Or, to break a new piece of information on your Instagram account. It is better to choose those days and time when people will be most likely browsing the internet. For example, during the weekends or when people are home from their office.

Include a Link to Boost Traffic to Your Online Store:

This is one way that people will not miss coming directly to your website. It is better to incorporate the link in your bio because this will ensure maximum clicks on it. It’s the first thing that is read by your users. You don’t have to put it in your posts time after time.

You must keep in mind that that you are using one of the most powerful marketing means. That puts a set of responsibilities on the shoulders of the online store owner. Use it in the right way and make your company well known. But, one single wrong move can cost you your name and reputation. Keep the above-mentioned things in mind and you are ready to enjoy your thriving online store.

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Snapchat Social Media Marketing – Promote Your Online Store

Snapchat Social Media Marketing – Promote Your Online Store

By Nicholas Hurd

Snapchat is your opportunity to enhance your social media marketing. It’s an application for mobile photo messaging. It lets you have photos and short videos, which is called “snaps”. The snaps can be delivered to your friends or people associated with your “Story” to share. Your friends can view the snaps within 10 seconds, after this time-frame it disappears forever.

Snapchat is different from other large social networks since it has the capacity to capture the attention of someone quickly. Users of Snapchat recognize that your “snap” can last of only for about 10 seconds prior for it to be gone forever, so you will get their complete attention within just a short period of time.

Snapchat Explained


Either you like or you hate Snapchat. Snapchat is not the best social network for many businesses. However, this can be one of the possible ways of building and establishing relationships with your customers. It is a method of broadcasting your messages to larger groups of people without crushing their inboxes. If you want to discover Snapchat’s possibilities for promoting your online store, this article will give you the information you need.

Who Is Using Snapchat For Marketing?


Though Snapchat is not a well-known social app utilized by the marketers, there is always an individual who is enthusiastic to test new apps and discover what the best results are. You may discover that with creativeness, Snapchat is essentially very useful.

The user-base for Snapchat is frequently young individuals, with about 77 percent college students saying that they use Snapchat regularly. If your online store is aiming at the youth, and primarily female, market, this is a possible goldmine for you. 58 percent of the college students mentioned that they are likely to buy a product from a brand that delivered a Snapchat coupon to them. This means that, the only interested people can take part in the campaign and rewarded with a coupon.

Marketing Ideas with Snapchat

Know Your Audience

Snapchat advertising is not suitable for everyone. The platform is commonly used by the young people, ranging from 18 to 24 years old. This makes it a more powerful advertising medium if your business is focused on younger audiences.

Get Personal

There is one thing businesses have to understand regarding how customers use Snapchat. That is that Snapchat is supposed to be fun. Don’t hesitate to show your personality and tell your business’s story to let your clients feel special through your Snaps.


You can use Snapchat in promoting your online store by giving your customers a coupon. You can send your clients a customized coupon which they can use at checkout. The coupon will draw new or current customers to your online store. Once there, the will be surfing around, with a high probability of purchasing something using the coupon and additional items they discover while they are at your store.


Hosting a contest can be an excellent strategy to improve customer engagement with your product. It can also give you “snaps” that other people share, rather than ones you send. More engagement means greater loyalty. You can increase customer loyalty by having a reward point system contest for your customers via coupons and discounts on your products.

Announcements and Sneak Peaks

Make a “snap” inviting a sneak peek of your latest products or services to motivate your followers on what is coming. Similarly, you can also inform your followers through other social networks that you have exclusive sneak speak on Snapchat.


Everyone loves stories. By presenting your story on Snapchat, you give your followers videos and photos of what is happening behind the scenes of your business. Your followers and customer will trust you further creating more brand loyalty.

Snapchat recently added a “Stories” feature that allows brands to send out combination of images and 5 second videos to tell a story. Once you have plenty of fun of behind-the-scenes footage, provide your customers and followers a taste through a story.


Show a New Product

Snapchat sneak peeks are one of the ways to develop customer loyalty and show new products before they are available. Your business snaps could contain a thread of teasers leading to the product launch. When you deliver the image of the new product, delight your community by treating them as your friends rather than as customers.

Inform Your Customers Regarding Holiday Events and Sales

Snaps of the holiday invitation or greetings are always a great ways in keeping your brand on top of mind of your customers during the holiday seasons. Utilize snaps to advertise your brand products or services to your customers long  before they plan to shop.

Run A Fast Video Responses To The Questions Of The Customers

There is another possible way of communicating with your customers, which many companies aren’t doing yet. You can run real time support or interactions with 2-10 second videos or photos.

For example, a user sends you a snap with a photo of your new product, still within its packaging, telling that it is very hard to open.

The fastest way to resolve this concern is to show them how to open the product easily. You can do this with a photo or video that demonstrates the process. Once you resolve their questions, you ensure higher customer loyalty. You can also post the pictures or videos on your site in an FAQ section. You may also want to review your packaging to possibly modify it in the future to make opening more intuitive.

In Summary

These are the things that you must consider on how to use SnapChat to promote your online store. Once you apply these principles to your online marketing campaigns, you will enjoy a return on your investment.

Because most businesses do not use Snapchat, you have a big lead on them using this unique approach to your customers. You can achieve rapid development of your store just by giving your customers a snap. Be creative in every story you tell so you can increase your customer interaction.

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Ecommerce SEO Tips Make Your E-Commerce Website Friendly

Ecommerce SEO Tips Make Your E-Commerce Website SEO Friendly

By Nicholas Hurd

With so many e-commerce websites doing the rounds on Internet, it can be a real challenge to ensure high visibility for your e-commerce website on a search engine.  That’s why it’s imperative that you provide ecommerce SEO for your site. The situation is doubly important, if you have set up an e-commerce website without quitting your 9-5 job. But the feat is not impossible.

Search engines, like Google and Bing, are popular tools for finding goods and services online among the countless available options. So it pays to make your e-commerce website more SEO friendly. Here are some tips to help you increase the visibility of your e-commerce website.

ecommerce seo will improve your page rank

Content and Product Page Optimization

Content has an important role in creating a more user-friendly website. Some people have gone as far as to say that SEO is all about content marketing. Ever since Google released its Panda update in 2011, Google has been gradually shifting towards high quality websites. The company has actually released a guide on how to improve the quality of a website. Some noteworthy points for SEO optimization are: Ensure that you mention product prices clearly. Make judicious use of keywords (long tail keywords are better than shorter keywords). Consider informing the customer about related products on a product page.

Choosing Domain Names

When you are selecting a domain name, don’t go for a domain name that looks like a keyword. A branded domain name is much better. There was a time when keywords in domain names used to aid search engine rankings, but not anymore. Google’s EMD update (Exact Match Domain- September 2012) has ensured that keywords in the domain name even if they match a search term, won’t compensate for poor quality content. A domain name should be such that it makes it easy for the customer to find you on the internet. Ensure your domain hosting doesn’t expire soon. With e-commerce websites, it is better to go for long term hosting.

ecommerce seo will improve your page rank

Design Your Ecommerce SEO for Regional Appeal

Website designs and navigation play an important role in customer satisfaction. Why do you think a company may have different websites for different markets? Look at McDonald’s website for the UK market and compare it to McDonald’s website for the US market. They are very different. Basically, a website should cater to local sensibilities and culture. Note that it is easier to include these designs at the onset (when you are just designing the website) than making changes to an already existing website.

Use SiteMap.xml

SiteMap.xml makes it easy for search engines to find your website. SiteMap.xml is a list of the pages on your website. There are actually two kinds of SiteMaps- SiteMap.xml and SiteMap.html. SiteMap.xml is used by search engines while SiteMap.html is used by visitors of your website. If you have SiteMap.xml, it becomes easy for search engines to crawl and index your website. It also helps you when you are adding new pages.

ecommerce seo will improve your page rank

Improve Your Description Meta Tags and Heading Tags

When you perform a Google search the next time, notice the text under the search results. That is the description meta tag. E-commerce websites can use description meta tags to give valuable information. A description meta tag gives an indication of what a web page is about. Since search engines also index the description meta tag, they too become important for SEO. Heading tags are also important because they give structure to the content on a web page. It goes without saying that it is important to write creative and pleasant-to-read description meta tags and heading tags.

Optimizing Your Ecommerce SEO is Worth Your Time

You don’t need a lot of time to implement these tips, which means that they will go well with your regular 9-5 job. Note that SEO is just one thing you can do to improve the visibility of your website. Don’t forget to read up on Google’s latest algorithm changes for further optimization.

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