Use Social Media to Improve Your Ecommerce

How to Use Social Media to Build Your E-Commerce Website

How to Use Social Media to Build Your E-Commerce Website

By Nicholas Hurd

Social media will help you make your e-Commerce website more popular and attract more visitors to your business. Here are some tips on how to use social media to increase the visibility of your e-Commerce website.

The biggest challenge that e-Commerce website owners face is increasing traffic to their websites. There are so many e-Commerce websites, it can be a daunting task to differentiate your website from them. All of them are competing for traffic which is why whatever you do to improve your business takes an even bigger dimension.

Use Social Media to Improve Your Ecommerce

Social Media Posting Tips

Post content everyday- One of the easiest and best ways to increase the size of your digital community is to post content regularly. It is a known fact that customers react to the frequency, with which you post on your social media accounts. So test for optimal posting frequency or compare your posting frequency with that of your competitors. Did you know that you can even automate the process now? There are many tools for this, like drumUp. The minimum number of times to post is once every day on Facebook and 4 times on Twitter.

Add images when you are posting on Facebook- Facebook posts with pictures generate 50 percent more response than a post without pictures. So including images in your Facebook posts can really boost your engagement. If you want to promote some content or make an announcement on Facebook, include a link under your post so that your followers can see for themselves. Adding images to basic text announcements make it compelling and can increase click-through rate significantly.

Use Social Media to Improve Your Ecommerce

Add Social Buttons to Your Site to Increase Sharing

Use social media buttons on your website- The next time you visit a popular blog, notice the social media button embedded on the site. They are there to encourage visitors to share the content with others. It is very simple actually. The more social media impressions you collect, the more likes you get. If you want to dramatically increase your social media impressions, embed social media buttons on your website. You can embed these buttons in your newsletter, website and blog header and footer as well.

Test with micro content. People are being bombarded a barrage of posts and content on social media. People respond to this information overload by screening the content they will see. So you are dealing with people who are short on both time and patience. But, there is a way to get around this- micro content. Micro content refers to bite sized chunks of information that can be created and consumed quickly. There are a number of services that allow you to create short videos like Vine and Soundcloud. You can use them to introduce a product or even create a micro review.

Use Social Media to Improve Your Ecommerce

Make it Easy for Your Customers

Help customers with their problems, don’t just sell. Understand the issues your customers are facing when they are buying your products online and offer solutions. This includes answering their queries, recommending products (even suggesting alternatives), making it super easy to buy from you and helping them save money. The first thing for making customers for life is to create trust.

A customer who trusts you is more likely to purchase from you. You can even ask them if they have faced any problems purchasing from you and if they have, solve them. So the moral is, don’t just try to sell. Find real solutions.

Use Social Media to Improve Your Ecommerce

Make it Easy on Yourself

Running an e-Commerce website can be exciting, especially if you are working on the side. But the challenges also increase. Naturally, with a full time job, you won’t be able to devote your complete energy to the e-Commerce website, at least not until you begin to make profits. Engaging with followers on social media is an excellent way to improve your online presence.

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