Here is how shipping rates are calculated in NiftyCart.

Everything is based on Units. You decide what a shipping unit is. We don’t care what unit of measure you want to use. It can be:

  • ounces
  • pounds
  • liters
  • fluid ounces
  • cubic centimeters
  • tons
  • kilos
  • kilometers
  • miles
  • and anything else you can think of, including “each”

as you have probably noticed we have two units for calculation – the first unit and each additional unit.

So let’s say you you have set up 5.00 for the first unit and 3.25 for each additional unit.

If you sell an item that weighs 3 units the shipping charge is 5.00 + 3.25X2 = 11.50

If you item weighs 1 unit the shipping charge = 5.00

and so on.