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Selling Online Simplified

this means You can set up up NiftyCart in minutes to start selling your first item in 5 minutes… or less!

For example, you can paste a NiftyBuyButton into your Facebook timeline to start selling to your followers immediately!

this means You have all the tools with NiftyCart as you business grows, or as it may already have grown, to manage.
Discover the tools you can use to grow your business to enterprise level here

Starting Now!
You can start building your online business in minutes with NiftyCart. That means you start earning profits right away.
The sharp and easy to navigate NiftyCart screens will encourage more sales. PLUS, it is quick and simple for you to set up.
Looking Good!

Your products/services will display well on every device. Many of your customers shop online with their phones, you will be impressed with how well your items show up on the small screen!

Into Your Bank Account

When you sign up for NiftyCart you automatically get a merchant account that sends your sales to your bank account the next business day. It’s all automatic saving you time and frustration.

“,,,The level of customer support. It’s absolutely unparalleled in my experience”
Calvin Davis

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Your Customers are the Focus

Customer Friendly Check Out

This is one of the many ways you’ll find that NiftyCart works for you.
What that means is your customers will have the simplest and fastest checkout process. We only ask for the minimum amount of information that’s needed to complete the checkout process
In addition, your customer can create an account for future purchases, and re-orders, by simply adding a password at the end of the checkout process

Your customers will discover how easy it is to purchase from your NifytCart store.

Customer Focused

The purpose of your NiftyCart store is to make it easy for your customers to purchase your products or services. That’s why you will find a number of options for displaying your products or services like:

  • NiftyBuyButton displayed in your Facebook Timeline
  • WordPress Plugin to display your items in your website
  • Different display formats of your catalog to best capture the unique features of your items

Tools You Can Use to Grow

Build Customer Loyalty

Automatically add your customers to GetResponse and create email campaigns and Newsletters that build your brand with your customers

Automate Your Accounting

Use the interface from NiftyCart to QuickBooks online to track your sales and customers.

Coupons to Increase Sales

You can use coupons to introduce new products and build up momentum for the product. Or, you can reward your customers loyalty by giving them a coupon for a discount. In addition to rewarding loyalty, it gets them back in your store!

Recover Abandoned Carts

Abandoned carts are significant challenge with selling online. You will find that NiftyCart has a couple of ways of helping you reduce cart abandonment. For example, if your customer starts to leave the page without purchasing we ask if they would like to save the cart for future purchase.

Customer Accounts

You can make it easy for your customers purchase from you again and again. The coupons we mentioned earlier help with that. In addition, you customers can easily create an account in your store so future purchases and checkout are painless. If you sell consumable items, your customer can save their order for future purchase making it easy for them to purchase from you over and over.

Pixel tracking for Google & Facebook – If you are advertising on Google of Facebook, having these pixels will assist you in tracking which campaigns are working and which are making the most money

Messenger click to message -You can use Messenger to support to your customers. it’s a convenient messaging system that is used by millions of people every day.  You can set up bots that will answer some of your customers questions. And, you can even setup AI to process some of your customer’s queries. That saves you time and allows you to focus on other parts of your business.

Sell on Messenger ChatFuel with the NiftyCart Template – this is amazing. You can as many or as few of your products or services for sale on Messenger. When your customer visits you can guide them to the appropriate items in your catalog of items. The sale is completed on Messenger which makes it simple and convenient for your customer.
The advanced version of the Chatfuel NiftyCart Template allows you to perform upsells and downsells all while your customer is active in your Messenger flow.

Chat using MyLiveChat – Promptly answering your customer’s questions while they are shopping in store is important. You will find that MyLiveChat provides a convenient and easy to use platform for you and your staff respond quickly to your customer’s questions.

getresponse -Email is an excellent way for you to create a conversation with your customers. NiftyCart gives you 2 different ways you can communicate with your customers. The simplest method is to add your customers, after they have purchased, to a general email list in GetResponse. That way you can, from time to time, send a newsletter to them giving them suggestions for using your products, general news about your company and any special sales or events that are coming up.

A second for using GetResponse is promoting additional products after a sale. For example, if my customer just bought a red widget, they may well be convinced to purchase a blue widget. By setting up a set of email lists, you can promote additional products that may be complimentary to a product your customer just purchased.

WordPress Plugin – talk about it


Analytic reports

Excel interface

Email Receipt message – A frequently overlooked sales vehicle is the receipt you send to your customers. You can add a message to each receipt promoting a special sale or offer. For example, a 4th of July sale. In addition, like the email messaging you can have different messages on each receipt. This allows you to promote a complimentary product to the one they just purchased.

Social Media – When your customer completes a purchase they can be directed to a page that will allow them to share their purchase on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Where possible the message will include picture of the item and a link to the item in your store.

Allow ourcustomer to text message their customer Twilio

Text message for support – need Twilio app for response to text – I assume we will display a message – Text 999-999-3333 with your question

Phone for support – a link in the cart

Customer Testimonials – Phone in testimonials – the Twilio app

Upsells/Downsells You can set up your store to simplify the upsell process after your customer completes the purchase process.  Once set up, your customer will be directed to another item that is complimentary to the item they just purchased. A big advantage to this, assuming h they purchase, is they will be directed to short checkout page that essentially says “complete purchase”. All of the credit card and shipping information has already been captured and doesn’t need to be re-entered.