Networking on LinkedIn

Networking on LinkedIn

By Nicholas Hurd

Networking works in so many different ways. One of these include of getting more attention for your product. Launching and marketing products is not an easy task. Just launching a product requires a lot of your effort to ensure its success.

As the product makes its way into the market, the more efforts is needed for your part. This way, you can get their attention. But if you have a powerful network that can support you all throughout, it would never be difficult for you to get the attention of people. They will be moved toward your product.

Networking on LinkedIn

Where to conduct this networking?

You may already have the answer in mind – LinkedIn where the top influencers in every industry are dwelling on.

Using LinkedIn Networking in Bringing More Attention to Your Product

If you wish to benefit from networking on LinkedIn, starting on the most basic is a must. It is not about getting as many connections as you can. It is also about building relationships with the people you will meet. You will also connect with others in growing a powerful network.

You Have 2 Different Approaches You Can Use

In this case, there are two different approaches you can use to start networking on the social media site. Your first approach is strategic networking. This approach solely focuses on quality and not on quantity. The network is only composed of less than 500 people. But even with a small population of network, it still has an advantage. You gain deeper connections with the small number of people you are networking with.


This is beneficial in connection to bringing more attention to your product. With a small number of people in your network, you can start on keeping in touch with most of them. Hence, each of the persons from your network is able to gain deeper insight about your product. With more understanding comes the opportunity of them promoting your product to others.

Here is Your Second Approach to Networking on LinkedIn

Here is the second approach, open networking. It is the approach wherein you build a larger network of people. Your network is composed of a lot of connections. The advantage of it is that it is easier for them to outreach customers and bring more attention to your product. Aside from increasing the attention received by your product, increasing the opportunity of making sales is also essential.


Increase Your Chances of Bringing More Attention to Your Product

You now have accomplished building and growing your network. Now, you want to make sure that the people in your network can gain access to your business or product information with great ease and convenience.

Polish Your Profile to Improve Your Networking

It would help you a lot if you will polish your LinkedIn Profile. The quality of information and its delivery can either help bring new powerful influencer into your network or not.

With the industry’s influencers supporting your goal, it won’t take a while before seeing your product making a buzz in the market. These influencers may even give a demo of your product to their own connections.

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Nicholas Hurd

Nicholas is a nationally recognized Author, Internet & Local Marketing Expert and Web Developer. He develops software for companies that want to sell products or services online as well as building contractors.
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