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With NiftyCart you can start building your business in minutes. What that means to you is you can get started quickly and start earning profits right away.

You items will look great no matter what device your visitors are using – phones, tablets or laptops. Because everyone is using phone today you want your products to show up correctly so they are more likely to purchase your products. That puts money in your pockets!

Your Facebook Timeline

Paste a Nifty Buy Button into your Facebook timeline and you are ready to sell. It’s simple to do and puts your product in front of the people that follow you and that means you get more sales and more money in your pockets.

Also, you can promote you item on Facebook. It’s easy can cost as little as a dollar or 2 a day. You will definitely increase the number of views and the number of $ale$.

Money into Your Bank Accountsocial media don't throw money away

Every sale will be deposited in your bank account the next business day after the sale. It’s automatic!

Your WordPress Site

The NiftyBuyButton plugin for WordPress makes it effortless to add items to your pages. A couple of clicks and your items will be displayed in your pages.


You can simply add NiftyBuyButton iFrames into any html page. It is as simple as copy and paste. Your items will be displayed, ready to be sold!


“…the level of customer support.
It’s absolutely unparalleled in my experience.”

Calvin Davis

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