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Discover How You Can Thrive in Today’s Topsy Turvy World

The world as you knew it has changed in a matter of weeks! Thousands of lives worldwide have been shaken up and turned upside down. If you’ve been laid off, lost your job, or forced to cut back on work hours, hope is not lost. If you’re a breadwinner under financial strain, spending sleepless nights wondering how you will support your family, there is another way to make ends meet.

Sad parents with money troubles


Scale on-the-go. Keep your store in your pocket.

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Let’s see if NiftyCart is right for you:


o   I want (and need…) to make (more…) money.

o   I want to maximize my income-producing potential.

o   I’m worried about how I’ll support my family.

o   I want to work from home and have more freedom of time.

o   I have active social media accounts like Facebook and Messenger.




“Hi there! I’m Nicholas, and I wanted to personally take the time to tell you more about NiftyCart. As the founder and owner, trust me when I say I’ve been where you are now. A few years ago, I was laid off from what I thought was a stable job. A job I thought I’d have for years to come. Little did I know that I would soon be left without an income. Seeing as I couldn’t find a solution, I made one, giving hard-workers a place to make a reliable, consistent income and support their family. I wish you the best of luck here at NiftyCart. Welcome to the family.”

Nicholas, Founder of NiftyCart

We are here to alleviate fear through a unique cart platform that CAN and WILL help you not only pay the bills, but thrive financially. If you’re like most people, you’ve Googled “How to make money online” at least once in your life. But – guess what? There is a diamond in the rough (and a legitimate opportunity in a sea of scams!)


NiftyCart gives anyone the chance to start making money online, from today, by building your own internet empire. Thousands of people have already done it, and now, you can too.

Why NiftyCart?


  • It’s easy to get started
  • Accept credit cards with ease
  • Track orders at a glance
  • Get paid in a snap
  • Automatic sales tax by state
  • Designed for mobile use (target more customers with phones in their pockets)
  • Backed by full support
  • No need for a website – sell in your Facebook timeline
  • Work part- or full-time, depending on your schedule and goals
  • Sell anywhere online, even social media
  • Maximize your earning potential
  • Generate cash online in days, even while you sleep
  • Get notified for every purchase


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Win the Hearts of Customers

NiftyCart makes it easy to differentiate your online business in a sea of competitors. We empower you to stand out as a professional brand, not just another faceless company.



Easy Checkout

Reduce abandoned carts with an idiot-proof payment process that promotes faster checkouts.



More Than A Business

NiftyCart is more than “just another online company.” We are a tribe and community of doers and dreamers. Of people who somehow rise in the face of adversity, block out the fear of failure, and cut through the voice saying you can’t.


“…The Level of Support. It’s absolutely unparalleled in my experience”
Calvin Davis


How Does it Work?

You don’t need to be a tech whizz-kid to make big bucks with NiftyCart. All you need is to drive to thrive and the discipline to work. You also don’t need a website to get started. We’ll show you how to promote your products, full- or part-time on social, from Facebook and Messenger.



Ready to Work?

Success doesn’t come easy, and this is no “quick fix” or “get rich quick” scheme. You’ll need to work hard to build your business and bank account, but at least you’ll have the platform and pedestal to give you the chance to work hard. You’ll also have uncompromised support from a team of mascots who have been in your shoes.


How to Get Started

It’ll only take you a minute to join, and two minutes per product and picture you upload. You’ll only lose another minute to paste the “BUY” button onto Facebook – and that’s it!

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Advanced Cart User?

Discover powerful tools – from auto-responders to a QuickBooks interface, coupons, and beyond. You’ll even get a chat box to deliver memorable customer experiences, plus, you can automatically update your QuickBooks to put the accounting side of things on autopilot.


Unlock Your Brand’s Fullest Potential

Join the NiftyCart lifestyle by activating your FREE full-feature 15-day trial right now! Don’t worry – unlike certain other free trials with names-we-won’t-mention, this one won’t demand your credit card details or automatically activate a subscription once the trial period is over. We empower you to get a taste of NiftyCart 100% free, with zero obligations or commitments, giving you the chance to make it rain money without you having to pay a dime.

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It’s Time to Get Nifty

Sell anywhere on the web, anytime, from anywhere in the world – and through any device. Add your complete catalog to your website in minutes, add buy buttons to your WordPress site, and more!


Get Everything You Need to Sell Online Today

The world is changing, and gone are the days of having to fight through traffic every morning to arrive at an office you don’t want to be at, to work for a boss you don’t even like. NiftyCart empowers you to live the “be your own boss” dream (for real) working on YOUR schedule from the comfort of home. With NiftyCart, you can confidently continue to work even in the face of a global crisis or recession. No matter the state of the global economy, NiftyCart empowers you to keep making a living even if you’re on lockdown at home! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection, and you’re ready to make your new future.