How to Make Money as an Amazon Affiliate

Amazon is the largest online retailer with $386 Billion revenue in 2020. And about 7% of this revenue came from its affiliates known as Amazon Associates which is about $26 Billion. If you are wondering on how to make money as an Amazon Affiliate then it is right time to get into the market. Well, becoming an Amazon Affiliate has always been easy and this is the reason behind more than 100,000 websites that solely use Amazon as their Affiliate Partner.

To become an Amazon Associate today is still lucrative but it needs a bit more research than it needed may be 5 years ago. Though it is a bold claim but 70% of your success as an Amazon Associate depends on your niche selection. Niche, is a segment or product category which is commonly used in affiliate marketing field.

To make you successful as an Amazon Affiliate, we have provided you a step by step process. This is a blueprint used by almost every successful Amazon Affiliate. Let us start this list of steps with the most important step.

create personal profileNiche Selection

Gone are the days when you could start an affiliate website like wirecutter, techradar, mashable or thespruce. These websites provided reviews and guides on almost every kind of product out there. These websites grew in no time because of relatively less competition in the affiliate marketing field. Now you have to be laser focused while selecting your niche. If you select Outdoor equipment as your niche and start promoting outdoor equipment, then it would take huge amount of time to build authority of your website in the eyes of readers. You have to dig deep down in the main niche categories.

A good niche is where there is low entry barrier which in this case is competition. A good niche is just a small segment in industry where you can differentiate yourself from major competitors.

Here is how you should be selecting your target niche if you are interested in Outdoor Equipment,



>> Camping Gear

>>> Camping Mattress

Now if you start with this Micro Niche of Camping Mattresses, chances of your success are higher.

Why you should start with Micro Niche Website?


1.       Micro Niche Websites are Easy to Differentiate

Micro Niche websites make you stand out from the crowd. In our example above, there would be a lot of websites reviewing outdoor equipment. Number of websites reviews Camping Gear would be bit less than former ones. And number of websites on camping mattresses would be even low, which would give you a chance to build your authority and differentiate from major competitors.

2.       Easy to Rank

Affiliate Marketing with Amazon is only worth it if you are getting organic traffic from google and likewise search engines. Selecting a micro niche helps you build your authority in the eyes of google and other search engines as well and it becomes easier for you to rank your website on first page of google results.

Like most of unsuccessful website owners, if you start a website with a broad niche, your website will be buried beyond 100+ google results and will never be able to rank without a hefty budget.

3.       Earn Quickly

Going with micro niche sites ensures early bucks coming your way. Though there is a limit to how much you can earn with a micro niche site but you will start earning a lot sooner than if you went with the broad niche site.

How to Select Niche for Amazon Affiliate?


By now, you must have made up your mind about going with a micro niche website for Amazon Affiliate Marketing. To select an ideal niche, you must do some research and keep below criteria in your mind while doing so,

1.       User Intent

What user is exactly looking for on the internet will have huge impact on your affiliate commissions. If you work really hard on your website for any niche but most of the users coming on your website do not have any buying intent then it is not good for you. Hence, targeting users who have buying intent is suitable while deciding your niche.

To finalize your niche add words like best, top, review before or after your main niche while searching on google. For example if you want to go into camping mattress niche then you should search for “best camping mattress” on google.


2.       Search Volume

Make sure that the niche you have chosen has enough searches per month on google. You can have idea of per month searches by free tools like Google Keyword Planner or you can go for paid tools like Keywords Everywhere, Moz, SemRush and Ahrefs. The trick here is to select a niche which has handsome amount of searches per month but does not have fierce competition. All you have to do is find the sweet spot between search volume and competition.

Now you would notice that the term “camping mattress” will have high volume and term “best camping mattress” would have relatively low search volume. This is because user typing “best camping mattress” has buying intent where he wants to read reviews before making his final decision. While a user typing “camping mattress” may just be interested in knowing what these mattresses are or just looking for pictures.

For your micro niche website we suggest you to go for a niche that has minimum 10k searches per month.

3.       Keyword Difficulty

A keyword is a phrase that user types to get intended results on google. For example “camping mattress” or “best camping mattress” are all keywords. Tools like Moz, SemRush and Ahref would tell you how difficult it would be for you to rank you website on first page with any keyword. These tools assign a “Keyword Difficulty” to every keyword you search. Lower the keyword difficulty, better are your chances of ranking your website on first page.

For your micro niche site we suggest you to look for a niche keyword that has below 30 Keyword Difficulty.

4.       Seasonality

Google trends shows you how a keyword is being searched on google and what the user behavior with these keywords is. Google trend will show you average searches per month and whether this keyword is in trend now a days or not. One important take away would be to know the seasonality of the keyword that whether it is being searched all year or just in winter or summer or just on some occasions or holidays. It would set your expectations regarding your niche on when you will have high and low traffic on your website. You should go for a niche that is not affected by seasons.

Amazon Associates Account

When you are done with your research on niche, it is time to put knowledge into action and from here on you interaction with Amazon would begin.

1.      Signup

The first requirement to become and Amazon Associate is to have a website, blog or a YouTube channel. When you have built your website then next step should be to sign up for Amazon Associates. The sign up is free and the whole signing up process will take you by the hand through all of it.

2.      Generate Affiliate Links

After sign up you are all set to get your unique affiliate links which you will be able to display on your website. Whenever someone clicks on that link and makes purchase, you would get a commission. Search products related to your niche that you are going to review and click “get link” for that product and paste it on your website for each product. Alternatively, you can use SiteStripe to get your affiliate links as well, which I personally use.

3.      Cookie Duration

A cookie is usually a small text file that gets stored on the computer of any user who clicks on your affiliate link. When that user buys something from Amazon, then Amazon knows about the affiliate who actually sent that user on their site and give them commission. Amazon has a cookie duration of 24 hours. Which means that once some user has clicked on your affiliate link and went on to amazon your cookie timer begins.

You will get commission if user buys that product instantly after clicking on your link or if he closes the website but comes back to purchase within 24 hours. After 24 hours of first click, you will not be credited for any sale made by that user on Amazon.

4.      Payment to Amazon Associates

Amazon counts sale of a month and pays commission about 60 days after end of that month. Your commission for sales made by end of January would be paid to you by end of March.

One of the best things about Amazon is that you are not just paid for the product that landed customer on Amazon website but for everything that customer decides to buy. Let us say customer clicked on your affiliate link for a bicycle and bought that on Amazon. While buying bicycle, this customer decided to buy helmet, shoes, and some cycling gear or even groceries. Now you would not be just paid commission for just bicycle but for the whole cart that customer decided to buy.

5.      Minimum Sale Requirements

Because of huge number of people signing up for Amazon Associates and leaving it after sometime without making any sale, Amazon has come up with a solution to make their life and handling easy. Now you have to make at least 3 sales via your website otherwise your registration would be cancelled, which you can reapply anytime though.

Though most of the people write review of some low priced items on Amazon and have their friends or relatives buy 3 of those items in 3 separate transactions. Though this practice is just on the border of ethical practices but it gets the job done without you worrying about cancellation of your account.

6.      Promoting Affiliate Links

Amazon allows promotion of its affiliate links through any online media. It restricts promotion through eBooks or through Email Marketing though. But given the high advertisements costs associated with social media marketing, it is recommended to promote through your own website or YouTube channel.


So, here is your blueprint and if you follow as suggested you will be making good amount of money through Amazon Affiliate program. We recommend you to start learning search engine optimization (SEO) as well to rank your website higher on google search results.

With each passing day, online purchase behavior is increasing among customers and more people are turning towards these affiliate websites to learn more about products before purchasing them. All you have to do is provide what customers are looking for while making hefty commissions for your services.

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