Get More From Your E-commerce Site

How To Get More From Your E-commerce Store

By Nicholas Hurd

E-commerce store is already playing a major role in the economy and they are poised for increasing growth over the next few years. It doesn’t make any difference if you are an individual running a small home business or a member of the sales team at a large corporation. You need to know how to get the most from your e-commerce strategy. The right approach will help you meet your goals and position yourself for future success.

Focus On User Experience

Get More From Your E-commerce Site

The main advantage that traditional brick-and-mortar stores have over online stores (Ecommerce store) is that customers can examine products in person. There is no substitute for the ability to try on a pair of pants or to sample a cookie. To make sure that you are able to even the playing field, you need to take steps to focus on user experience.

This means that every step of the shopping process should be as streamlined and easy to use as possible. Browsing your selection, finding the right product and placing an order needs to be as painless as possible. A simple, easy-to-use shopping cart can really go a long way towards making it more pleasant to use your site.

Make Good Use Of User-Generated Content

Most consumers put a lot more trust in user-generated content, such as ratings and reviews than they do in traditional marketing materials. When people visit an e-commerce site, one of the first things they tend to look at are the reviews that have been left by other customers. If your site does not allow such content, you are placing yourself at a disadvantage.

Get More From Your E-commerce Site

Not only do you need to let your customers submit such content, but you need to feature it prominently on your site. One of the first pieces of information that a visitor should see about a product is the rating that other people have given it. In addition to reviews, your customers should be able to post images and videos about the products they buy from you.

Loyalty Programs Attract Repeat Business

Focusing on ways to retain your existing customers needs to be a top priority. A significant portion of the revenue for successful e-commerce sites comes from repeat business. A loyalty program that offers rewards for multiple purchases is a great tool to retain the loyalty of your customers.

For example, by turning shopping into a game, you can encourage people to keep buying from you. Offer badges or other prizes for your most loyal customers. Integrate this information into your customers’ profiles so that they can see how they are doing at a glance. Give discounts to your most faithful shoppers and let them share these online.

Do Not Neglect Mobile

Get More From Your E-commerce Site

With so many people now using mobile devices to go online, you need to be sure that your e-commerce store is just as easy to use on a smartphone or tablet as it is on a desktop PC. Sites that are difficult to search or use on a mobile device are at an increasing disadvantage. Total consumer spending via mobile is expected to triple over the next few years.

Test your site on as many different platforms as possible, and take steps to ensure that there is a consistent user experience across all of them. By focusing on mobile, you can make sure that people can purchase items from you no matter where they are. This is a great way to encourage impulse shopping.

E-commerce stores are becoming increasingly important to the economy and you need to be prepared. By focusing on these tips, you can make sure that you are properly positioned for future growth.

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