Use These 5 Email Receipt Marketing Tactics to Get More Sales

Use These 5 Email Receipt Marketing Tactics to Get More Sales

By Nicholas Hurd

People involved in email marketing frequently overlook the email receipt. Every time someone makes a purchase from your store they get an email receipt.

You can use it as an amazing way to connect with your customers—but it’s frequently forgotten as a marketing opportunity.

You may be missing out on sales if you are not taking advantage of the marketing opportunity the sales receipt presents.Email marketing means sales

In this post, let’s look at how you can use the footer text on your email receipts as part of your marketing strategy. Use it to win additional sales, and get connected with your customers.

What’s Your Email Receipt Missing?

Compared to the average opening rate of 17.19% for regular email marketing, email receipts have an open rate of 70.90%. The email receipts you already send your customers are a potential E-commerce gold mine. It deserves to be treated as such.

Remember – You Have Your Customer’s Trust

You need to remember when a customer completes a checkout on your store, you have built their trust.  They have already acted like they are committed to your product and brand.

When your customer opens their email receipt, you can use that time to do several things:

  • Add an Upsell to promote related products or even different products
  • Provide a coupon code to get your customer to return for a future purchase
  • Set up a feedback loop to better understand your customers and your checkout flow
  • Add social links to get your customers to follow you on Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Provide a links so your customers can tweet about or share their purchase on Facebook
  • And many more opportunities to promote your store

Even companies outside of the E-commerce space are using their email receipts as part of their marketing.

Email marketing is a great way to get new customersUber gives their riders a fabulous product experience, and after the ride they utilize their email receipts to enhance their marketing by:

  • Having you rate your customer experience
  • Letting their riders give immediate feedback on the ride
  • Offering a referral bonus if you share with your friends

Here we will explore some specific E-commerce email receipt tactics you can start implementing today to capture your lost sales.

  1. Use Email Receipts to Upsell Related or Even Different Products

Many of the big players in the E-commerce space have using this promotion tactic for a sometime.

For example, as long ago as 2006 Amazon, reported that 35% of its revenues resulted from cross selling and up selling. A substantial portion of that was generated through email receipts.

Incorporate a product up sell in your email receipt to see if there is an increase in orders.

Here a couple examples of ways you can use a upsell in your email receipts:

  • Add an upsell for a related product
  • Sell accessories for the product they just purchased

2.  Entice a Future Purchase by Offering a Discount Code

By offering a discount code in your receipt email, you’re offering an incentive for the customer to come back and make another purchase.

A Salesforce study showed 44% of email recipients made one or more purchases last year based on a promotional email they received

Emails that contain a discount coupon code get an even higher response.

Even if the discount of 5% or $1 off the next order generates more interest. Apparently, savings are savings—and consumers think that any savings, no matter how small, are good.

Something else you want to consider about coupons is they are a great promotional tool. And, they have numerous uses.  For example, use them to:

  • Track sales resulting from your online & offline campaigns
  • Offer your customers time-limited discounts to encourage them to make another purchase
  1. Your Social Media Accounts Need Attention

More then 2/3 of business leaders plan to integrate social media and email marketing operations was mentioned in a study by MarketingProfs.

Here’s how you can do it, it’s very simple. Add links to your social accounts in the footer of your email receipt. It’s that easy!

email marketing and social mediaHere are some other ideas you can use to implement social media in your email receipt.

For example:

  • Get 5% off your next order if you share with 5 friends
  • Take $1 off your next order when you refer one of your friends
  • Save 20% off your next order if you refer a friend and they purchase something

As you can probably imagine, the variations on these themes are quite large. You should consider tests a number of different strategies. From your tests, you can determine which options produce results and which ones don’t.

4. Your Paying Customers Will Give You Feedback Quickly 

Paying customers are a valuable resource when it comes to providing feedback promptly from your email receipts. Many restaurants and retailers are doing this and have been for some time. Frequently, you’ll find a survey, that if you complete it, you are entered in a contest to win some prize. In the case of a restaurant, for example, this might be a free appetizer or desert.

You should consider this for your online store.

You will get some understanding of the way your store operates. In addition, you will gain awareness of pain points your customers may have suffered in your store’s checkout process.

Consider the following, and other similar questions, to develop feedback from your customers:

  • What was your overall impression of the process?
  • Did you think the price was reasonable?
  • How did you find our store? Was it a search engine, referral, or something else?
  • How long do you think it will be until you receive your purchase?
  • When do they expect the product to be delivered?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve the checkout process?
  1. Suggest That Your Customers Share What They Purchased on Twitter and Facebook

email marketing and social mediaMost people find that shopping makes them feel good. Some research into shopping showed that shopping activated certain key areas of the brain. Those areas of the brain are linked to lifting moods and triggering release of brain chemicals called dopamine. Dopamine elevates your mood and puts you into a happy state.

You can take advantage of this “happy state” the dopamine has created with your email receipts.

While your customer is in this dopamine created “happy state”, urge your customer to share what they purchased on Facebook. And, suggest that they tweet their purchase to their Twitter followers.

In a previous post, we discussed the power of referral marketing. If you add this to your email receipt your customers will find it very easy to refer their friends.

Why is it important to make it easily sharable?  Because customers who have been referred by their friends spend on average 13.4% more.

In Conclusion

You’ve seen some of the ways email receipts can help you connect more with your customer and increase your sales. How are you utilize this knowledge in your marketing approach?

Can you think of any other tacks you can use? Share your ideas in the comment section, below.

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Nicholas Hurd

Nicholas is a nationally recognized Author, Internet & Local Marketing Expert and Web Developer. He develops software for companies that want to sell products or services online as well as building contractors.
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