7 Social Media Mistakes That Kill Your Business

Are You Making These 7 Business Killing Social Media Mistakes?

You know it’s important to be using the latest social media tools. However, did you know that it’s as important to be sanitizing your social media plan from mistakes that are made regularly? Frequently it’s easy to miss easy, but damaging blunders you may be making. So, without further ado, here are 10 things you want to watch for and bring to an end.

Not Sharing Blog Content on Social Media

It’s important so share your blog posts on social media. That’s because the links you have in your social media that point to your blog posts are used by Google as a substantial part of It’s ranking algorithm.

So, that means you want to take every occasion to link to your blog posts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and anywhere else you can get links back to your blog posts. This serves a couple of purposes.

  1. It gets people interested in your posts. Your tweet or Facebook post can create curiosity about what you are writing about in your blog
  2. The links to your blog posts improve your search engine ranking

When creating the links to your blog, think carefully about the link text because that will enhance the power of the link to your blog.

Too Many Hashtags

If you have too many hashtags in your tweets or posts, you can look desperate and even spammy. Use hashtags with caution and style when you hashtag a post.  And, if the platform you are posting on doesn’t support searching for hashtags, don’t use them there. On LinkedIn, for example, hashtags are only searchable on mobile searches. So, use them on LinkedIn with restraint.

Give thought to the amount of traffic you can reasonably expect using a specific hashtag. Don’t expect a huge amount of traffic from #marketing or #ecommerce. It’s not going to happen. On the other hand if you find a topic trending on Twitter and have something to say about it, then it makes sense to use that hashtag.

Not Having Sharing Buttons on Your Blog

Social Media ShareWhen you have share buttons on your blog it makes it easy for your visitors to share your content with their tribe. And, if you are using WordPress as your blog there are several plugins that make this a no brainer.

The share buttons will increase your traffic from social media and the links will also increase your website ranking in search engines. And, that’s a good thing!

Stealing Other Peoples Content

If you are “borrowing” posts to add to your social media or blog posts, you need to stop it, now! The same is true for downloading someone else’s pictures or videos if you don’t have permission or have paid for the content.

You don’t want to get caught doing this.  It can be embarrassing and can cause legal challenges for you. You can find many stories of companies sued for using stock photos without paying for them. It’s called copyright infringement and the stock photo companies are vicious when it comes to their content.

Start Sharing Your Videos on Facebook

Social media add video to FacebookWhile you weren’t watching uploads to Facebook video have overtaken YouTube some time ago. This means that adding your videos to Facebook video is an important strategic move. This is so important because Facebook users are more likely to engage in the content as well as share it with their Facebook friends.

That doesn’t mean you should abandon YouTube. It continues to be an important channel because there are 1 billion people that view YouTube videos. In addition, YouTube is the second most used search engine after Google. So, your videos on YouTube will add to your web traffic as well.

Stop Shooting Videos Vertically

When you are using your phone to shoot a marketing video that you will be posting on social media, hold the phone horizontally. This is easy to do and crucial to the value of your video.

I’m sure you’ve seen terrible videos shot with a phone that has the black bars on the bottom and top and on top of that is shaky. You don’t want to do that.

Make sure your phone is in landscape video mode and you are holding it horizontally before you start taping. As a matter of fact, it’s even better if you use a tripod or monopod rather than holding the phone while shooting the video for stability. This is videography 101.

The vertically taped ad or testimonial is not one of new hot video trends. Don’t do this!

Paying the “Facebook Tax”

social media don't throw money away This used to be called the “Google tax” because so many people wasted money with Google Adwords. That happened because they didn’t know what they were doing. They didn’t take the time to understand the process. The same thing is happening today with Facebook. And Facebook is making it very easy to do.

Don’t just throw money at a Facebook post Boost to increase the engagement of the post.  Even though Facebook advertising seems cheap, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it the thought and attention you would if it was very expensive.

If you don’t have a real strategy for your spending, you are just throwing money away. Consider the goals for your spending, what content are you going to promote, and who is your audience. Execute this intelligently and you will see significant rewards.

So, that’s it. Get rid of these modest mistakes and you will prosper.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this topic. Post a comment or send me an email.

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